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Out of Province Inspection

Every vehicle brought into Alberta, whether you're moving from another province or importing from the states, must pass the Alberta Out of Province (OOP) Inspection before license plates can be issued. The Government of Alberta may issue an exemption for vehicles that meet certain conditions and don't have a history that indicates any of the following: flood, unsafe, salvage, non-repairable. See Alberta Transportation for details.

The following vehicles must undergo the OOP Inspection if they were not previously registered in Alberta (or when proof of previous registration cannot be provided): restored antique, classic, homebuilt, modified or street rod vehicles.

Who performs the OOP inspection: The OOP Inspection must be performed by a certified technician who is licensed by the Alberta Transportation’s Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP).

What gets inspected during the OOP Inspection: The OOP Inspection is a basic safety or mechanical fitness assessment. It typically takes around two hours to perform and involves almost all vehicle components including: fuel and exhaust systems, all electrical, engine controls, powertrain, driveline, steering, suspension, braking systems, wiring and lights, tires, glass, wipers and defrosters. To pass, your vehicle must be maintained within Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards or wear tolerances.

Can an OOP Inspection identify crash damage? An OOP Inspection may not be conclusive in determining the previous crash history of a vehicle. If you suspect your vehicle sustained major damage prior to purchasing it, consider having it examined by a collision repair technician.

What are the Inspection fees: OOP vehicle inspection fees are established by the inspection station. If your vehicle is found deficient, you may take your vehicle to another inspection technician before agreeing to complete the suggested repairs.

What if I fail the Out Of Province Inspection: If your vehicle fails the OOP Inspection, it must be repaired within 10 days of the failure notice to avoid an additional, full inspection fee assessment. Vehicles repaired and re-inspected within 10 days are subject to verification of required repairs only.

Precision Motor Worx has certified inspections on staff for OOP Inspections.

Salvage Vehicle Inspection

Precision Motor Worx is Airdrie's only Salvage Inspection facility! Before a rebuilt salvage vehicle is legal to drive on Alberta roads, it must pass inspection by a licensed technician and become registered. Have questions or concerns? No problem! We have licensed technicians on staff to inspect your vehicle.

A salvage vehicle that passes inspection will be granted a "rebuilt" rating, indicating it has been repaired and can be re-registered in Alberta. The inspection requires rebuilt vehicles to meet OEM or I-CAR specifications. The process includes all steps in an Out of Province Inspection, in addition to a structural integrity inspection.

Process Steps

    1) Verify the status of a vehicle at an Alberta registry agent (salvage vehicles can be rebuilt; non-repairable vehicles cannot)

    2) Obtain a Rebuilt Vehicle Work Plan

    3) Take four photos (front, rear, left side, right side) of the vehicle before you begin repairs

    4) Locate a Salvage Inspection Station and determine when in-progress inspections should be performed

    5) Perform repairs to restore your vehicle to OEM and/or I-CAR standards

    6) Take photographs throughout the repair process

    7) Document the parts and components you purchase into the Rebuilt Vehicle Work Plan; make sure to include the vendor and donor VIN

    8) Follow the required, in-progress inspections at the designated times

    9) Go for a final inspection before installing trim and undercoating

    10) Within 14 days of the inspection being signed as complete, bring the completed Inspection Certificate to an Alberta registry agent.

Give us a call/email, and we will guide you through the process in order to get your vehicle back on the road again.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection

Commercial vehicle inspections are required under Section 19 of the Vehicle Inspection Regulation.

Annual inspections are required for the following vehicles, per The National Safety Code (NSC):

  • Trucks, truck-tractors, semi-trailers, trailers and combinations thereof exceeding a registered gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 4,500 kg when operating extra-provincially
  • Trucks, truck-tractors, semi-trailers, trailers and combinations thereof exceeding a registered gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 11, 794 kg when operating intra-provincially

Semi-annual commercial vehicle inspections are required for all buses, per the NSC:

  • Buses designed, constructed and used for the transportation of passengers with a designated seating capacity of more than 10 (including the driver), but excluding the operation for personal use.

Precision Motor Worx provides commercial vehicle inspections. Call or contact us for more information. Learn more on www.alberta.ca.

Taxi Inspection

All taxi vehicles operating in Airdrie require an annual inspection. Each vehicle must pass the Enhanced Livery Vehicle Inspection Standards (ELVIS) inspection from a certified garage in Airdrie. Let Precision Motor Worx take the stress away and get you and your passengers safely on the road again.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Every year, tens of thousands of motorists across Canada save money by purchasing a used car. Buying pre-owned makes sense from financial standpoint. Why pay thousands of dollars more for the latest bells and whistles when you can get a pre-owned car for less money that meets all your needs?

Finding the used car that’s right for you takes time, and when you finally find ‘the one,’ it can be tempting to rush through the buying process Let Precision Motor Worx give you the peace of mind before you fully commit.

What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is a type of inspection performed on a pre-owned vehicle before you buy it. During a pre-inspection check, service technicians thoroughly inspect your vehicle and inform you of the overall condition. An inspection can let you know if there's heavy wear and tear, so you know if you need to replace parts soon. You can use this information to renegotiate your buying price or avoid a bad sale altogether.

At Precision Motor Worx, we take pride in our reputation as a trusted used car dealer. If you're looking for quality vehicles at a great price, we invite you to browse our inventory. We also want to make sure you're getting the best deal, whether you buy from us or not. If you have your eye on a car from a private seller or other dealership but want to know it's condition before buying, see us for a pre-purchase inspection.

Vehicles 12 Years or Older

In Alberta for vehicles that are 12 years or older must pass a pre-purchase inspection performed by a licensed mechanic. The inspection report helps to determine whether a particular vehicle is roadworthy and safe.

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