About Precision Motor Worx

At Precision Motor Worx, we keep you rolling. Whether it’s putting you behind the wheel of one of our quality, pre-owned vehicles or changing the tires and oil on your current car, we can take care of all your automotive service needs. Our goal is to ensure you get where you need to go with a reliable vehicle. At our facility, you’ll find the products and services you need to keep your car, light truck, or SUV dependable. Give our team a visit today! We offer quality workmanship and fair prices, with the lowest labor rates in our area.

Reasons to Choose Us

Discover Tires from Trusted Brands:
Choose the latest tires from leading brands like Bridgestone, Cooper, and Federal.

Improve the Life of Your Tires:
Keep your tires rolling. See us for tire repair, tire rotation, wheel balancing, tire repair, and TPMS services.

Roll with Custom Wheels:
Find aftermarket rims at a great price from Street Gear, Klasse Motor Sport, and Core Racing.

Restore Automotive Performance:
Bring your car to our full service center for diagnostics and repairs. Whether it’s diagnosing a dashboard warning light, replacing brake pads and rotors, installing a new timing belt, or repairing the transmission, we have you covered. You can even see us for auto body work and collision services. Inside and out, we know automobiles.

Maximize Car Life:
Take care of your car by following the factory maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. From oil changes to filter changes, we’ve got you covered.

See Us for Inspections:
We’re qualified to perform a variety of vehicle inspections, including: OOP inspections, commercial vehicle inspections, taxi inspections, salvage inspections, and pre-purchase inspections.

Find Your Next Car:
Get behind the wheel of one of our pre-owned vehicles and save hundreds to thousands off the cost of a new vehicle.

Relax While We Service Your Vehicle:
Enjoy our clean and comfortable waiting area complete with Wi-Fi access.